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School Safety is a Village affair

Mission Statement

To create safer schools through enhanced communication and collaboration between students, faculty, and families, stopping incidents before they happen, and to facilitate rapid response and command during those critical first few minutes of an incident.

School safety is a Village affair!!

Our App provides a school safety program
to support our mission.

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Safety Program Features

Anonymous Safety Hotline

Red Telephone

Empower students to play a role in campus safety. The Anonymous Safety Hotline allows students to report problems without worrying about repercussions.

How it works:

  1. Student leaves recorded message.

    Wave image
  2. Voice message is immediately transmitted to designated administrative staff followed by a time and date stamped text message establishing an incident record and an email transcript of the voice message.

    Unified Communications
  3. Record created for follow-up, daily safety reports, and safety trending analysis.

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Red Exclamation Mark

Incident Alert

Incident Alert hero

10 Second Call for Help

The Incident Alert Function allows school staff to request immediate assistance in less than ten seconds from their phone or tablet, sending a pre-scripted message identifying the type of incident and the teacher's location.

Action Changes Things

Quick and decisive response to an incident in the first 10 minutes before 911 responders arrive can make all the difference in the outcome.

Action Changes Things

On the Front Lines

Teachers need systems that provide the ability to obtain assistance from the right team immediately.

Our Incident Alert Function allows teachers to identify their emergency, send a request for immediate response, and transmit their location in less than 10 seconds.

Hand holding phone with Alert app open
SchoolVillage Alert Screen

Follow-up Messages

can be sent by the teacher to provide more detail to on-campus responders, and the responders can call or text back.

African American Man Texting

Broadcast Messaging

The Group Messaging System

is used to send safety incident related messages to large groups within the school including administrative staff, faculty, students, parents and provides for routine messaging among on-campus security.

Large Group Texting image

When incidents happen, efficient large group communications systems are essential.

Code Red Alert image

SchoolVillage Group Messaging allows Administrators to send immediate incident alerts and ongoing instructions to manage situations.

Events Log image

Emergency Communications are recorded to create a detailed chronology of events.

Safety Plan

Mobile Document Access

Folders and Documents

The Safety Document Access System allows users to open docs from our app specific to their school including:

  • Safety Plan
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Emergency Contact List
  • Campus Map
Teacher carrying lots of documents image

Teachers shouldn't have to memorize emergency procedure manuals and they can't carry a copy in their pockets.....or can they?

Documents are hyperlinked

for quick access to critical information:

Finger clicking a hyperlink

Our Story

How we got started....

Ruffin Swain is a super math teacher at Centennial High School in Compton, California. He and Michael Wiggins met in 2011 when Michael was building a large medical facility in the neighborhood and was interested in offering construction internships to local high school students to educate them about the opportunities available in the building design and construction management professions. Ruffin agreed to be the faculty sponsor for the program and it has been ongoing for more than 6 years. Students from the first years of the program are now returning after receiving 4-5 year degrees in Construction Management to “pay it forward,” acting as mentors to the current generation of high schoolers.

As the program developed, it was apparent that faculty and students at Centennial were faced with many non-academic challenges, not the least of which was personal safety. Drawing upon his background in construction, Michael realized that the software applications he developed for the industry to improve efficiency and safety on construction sites could be used to benefit school safety.

Ruffin and Michael teamed up with Dr. Yvonne Smith, an experienced teacher and administrator, to put together a safety system that would address both the immediate safety needs of staff as well as reporting and record keeping requirements.

Gale Schlesinger rounds out the team with her experienced legal perspective, with a particular focus on the importance of strict privacy/security requirements when dealing with data involving high school students.

This is the foundation of SchoolVillage. Our team consists of public education teachers and administrators, technology professionals, and problem solvers. We know a lot about the issues facing schools and we know a lot about technology. But, we recognize that we don't know it all, and...we are very good listeners. It takes a Village to keep our children safe. Bring us your problems and we will bring you solutions!

Our Founders

Michael Wiggins, CEO

Michael Wiggins


Michael Wiggins is the CEO of SchoolVillage. He has more than 30 years of experience in large project management in the construction industry, management of SAAS (software as a service) product development, and deployment. He is experienced in working with public/governmental organizations on high profile projects. He is the team leader of an after school ACE (architecture, construction, and engineering) Mentor Program for high school students.

Yvonne Smith, Teacher, Centennial HS

Yvonne Smith

Ed.D., Teacher

Centennial HS

Compton CA

Dr. Yvonne Smith has worked in education for over 20 years. She has served in numerous roles including middle and high school classroom teacher, resource teacher, ELD specialist, testing coordinator, ASB advisor, categorical specialist, WASC Chair, Assistant Principal and Principal at middle and high schools.

She has achieved her Professional Clear Single Subject — CLAD Credential in Biology and Clear Administrative Service and earned her bachelor of science in biology, Master of Instructional Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction and Doctoral in Education Leadership.

Gale Schlesinger, JD., MA., M.A.S.

Gale Schlesinger

JD., MA., M.A.S.

Gale Schlesinger serves as legal counsel to SchoolVillage. Gale has provided legal advice to several Fortune 500 companies during her 20 years of practice. She received her Juris Doctor from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and has masters degrees in health law from UC San Diego and urban planning from UCLA.

Ruffin Swain, M.E.d, Teacher, Centennial HS

Ruffin Swain

M.E.d, Teacher

Centennial HS

Compton CA

Ruffin Swain is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. After serving in the Marine Corps, he obtained a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics and a master's degree in secondary math education. The Mathematical Association of America has recognized Mr. Swain for his work in graph theory. Mr. Swain also has a diverse teaching career. He has taught a variety of subjects to a wide array of learners ranging from kindergarteners to adult educators. Ruffin brings over a decade of experience in the area of education and technology. His goal is to ensure that every person has access to tools that increase safety and productivity on school campuses.

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Safety Is A Village Affair

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